Neil and Nicole's Engagement shoot - Kyle Barden

It has been a while since I've posted anything but I was approached to do an engagement shoot recently(which is outside of my normal wheelhouse) and it went so well I figured I would post about it and share some of the results. The couple was referred to me by an old college fraternity brother of mine so when they approached me and asked about doing the shoot, I wanted to be very upfront about what to expect. I do not have a ton of experience doing portraits but I've recently been the subject of an engagement shoot as well as a wedding shoot(yup I got married 2 weeks ago), so i'm am aware of how these types of shoots go. I offered to provided them a list of other local photographers that I have worked with that I know do amazing work, if they wanted someone with more experience but they instead they chose to stick with me. They both had some prominent roots in Troy, NY having both gone to colleges here so that's where we did the shoot. We started up on RPI's campus where a security guard jokingly asked if I had a permit to be shooting there.

Neil had a ton of ideas on places to shoot on campus and made the whole session very easy.

My wife joined us partway through to assist me, having been a in a good number of photo shoots herself(as the model) she gave some help when it came time for posing and catching things that I would have missed when being focus on the task at hand.

As we wrapped up the RPI stage of the shoot, Nicole gave me some delicious cookies she had baked for me and we were off to the next location. By the time we got down to the river in downtown Troy, I had already eaten half of the tray of cookies she had given me. We started with some fun shots by the river with Neil in his dinosaur costume, then moved on to walk around downtown troy and take some shots in font of some of the amazing buildings located downtown. 

We finished up with some sunset shots on the top of the Uncle Sam parking garage and some more shots down in River Front Park. I had a lot of fun doing this shoot and I am looking forward to doing more like this in the future. Id like to once again congratulate Nicole and Neil on their engagement, and I am happy to have been asked to capture the amazing bond you two share.

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